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Hey there everyone.

My friend Joana visited me three days ago. She has this lovely dog, Afghan hound. He is really charming.

But she told me that he keeps having some issues with tapeworms. They are back over and over again. She told me that she is feeling helpless. She was treating him with different diets, medications but it seems that nothing have helped her.

While we were talking I couldn’t understand why this keep happening.

I need to ask you about your experience. What are the prevention options for dog tapeworms?

I still believe that there is something that can help to prevent this, right?


Hello everyone…

I was reading that the best prevention method is based on prohibiting dogs from eating raw meat and preying on wild animals.
A regular de – worming regime is very important.
Also it is important effective flea control regime.
There is no much thing to say about this.
I know that a lot of dog owners had this problem because they were feeding their dogs with raw food.
Very often we don’t know is the food that we get healthy and clean.
If your dog gets tapeworms you should see your vet.
Usually he will prescribe meds for him.


Hey there Ilarion.

Thank you for your answer, but I couldn’t find a much about it.

This is more like medical answer and I somehow believe that you are an expert, vet or something like that?

Maybe I am wrong but it seems that you are :)

Actually, I was wondering are there any options like some diet program or some natural remedies that can prevent dog to get tapeworms.

And you were talking about raw food. I have heard about this but I do know a lot of dog owners that feed their dogs with this type of food without having any problems.


More information, please...



Hey everyone.


I believe that the most important thing is food. I believe that tapeworms come with foods as well.

That is why you need to be extremely careful. If you are feeding your dog with raw food you need to buy groceries and ingredients from someone whom you trust.

This is the only way to be sure that no one will give you some bad groceries for your dog.

This is the first step in prevention.

Sometimes I believe that this is the only step. If your dog gets tapeworms you need to focus on the treatment. It is not something that is complicated.



Hey friends.

I do agree about the food.

I will give you one more advice. Tell your friend to try to keep her dog from coming in contact with intermediate hosts that contain tapeworm larvae.

Fleas are an intermediate host for a lot of different tapeworms.

If she thinks that her dog is infected with tapeworms, she should call her vet for an appointment. He will set the diagnose and effective treatment option.

She can use Taenia to prevent this. This medication has a lot of positive critics.

I am not for meds but I have heard that they can be helpful.

So she can try some of them.