Hi All,

I'm sure there have been many topics about this but... I dunno about this specific case.

Recently, I have been having weird episodes where I will be totally normal all day, then suddenly get hit with a wave of pain, sweating, nausea, and panic. I need to use the restroom immediately or I will loose it in my pants. It's incredibly painful specifically in the intestinal region, not the stomach. I sit there on the toilet for a while as everything releases (pretty watery, but not super... lovely I know). It's even been so bad once that I had to go right in a park. Yep. I feel like I will pass out if I don't, almost as if I'm about to vomit, but I don't. This is really concerning me and I have been to the doctor and the results say nothing. I am also EXTREMELY anemic, and have been for as long as I can remember (Im in my early 20's, and female). I do not notice blood in my feces when these episodes occur, though I have seen very small amounts at other times when its solid.

I do not eat meat, but recently I have started including some fish to my diet. I have a suspicion that there are certain types of fish that cause it, but it's unpredictable so Im not sure... usually Chinese food or something (fish ball, or fish that is processed) does it, but today I had an episode but all I ate was canned tuna which usually does not bother me. Another fact: I have 2 sisters with Chrohn's disease. It scares me to death that I may have it as well, but I am not sure since these episodes never happened to me before.... Also I took Accutane when I was a teenager (before I knew any bowel diseases ran in my family, even my parents said there were none... ugh). Apparently accutane can bring these diseases out. If anyone has any insight or things I should say to my doctor, or a similar experience, I would love to hear what you have to say.