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Hi, I'm a 20 year old female and having a lot of stomach/intestinal problems right now.  About 3-4 weeks ago for about 3 days I was having horrible stomach/gas pains, but my dad got some gas-x and it went away with 2 doses.  As of a week ago the same pain has come back but I have had no luck with any medicine (tums, gas-x, and pepto).  For the past week I have not easily been able to have a bowel movement.  Bowels were coming out in small round pieces about one each time I tried.  Today and yesterday I have been trying to eat fiber-rich foods and strictly no diary (I'm lactose-intolerant).  Today for dinner I had beans and was finally able to have a "normal" amount of bowel.  But, what concerns me is that there were string-like things hanging out of the end of two of the pieces.  I didn't really notice any details of them but they were different in thickness and almost like brown yarn (??).  I was hoping that a bowel movement would bring an end to all the discomfort and pain, but I still have cramps in my stomach area.  Additional: I'm a student and away from home so I have not been able to go to the doctor.

Sorry if this is gross, by the way.



Sorry to hear you're having such gastrointestinal problems as I know how uncomfortable that can be.  Assuming you don't have any intestinal parasites, your brown stringy things may be the outer coating of the beans you ate.  They are really not digestible.  Many people have a problem eating beans as they lack the enzyme to break them down.  The beans themselves can cause gas, bloating and produce small packets of fecal material.  At any rate, it sounds like you're having digestive issues.  You might want to take a natural laxative to clean things up a bit.  Once you do that, try to stay away from foods that are difficult to digest.  Steamed veggies and fruits are generally okay and things like potatoes.  You might try some fish and stay way from red meat and pork.