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Is it true that some ppl have(recently or not) intentionally injested a tapeworm to eat up part of thier food, thus inducing weightloss???? Is it still practiced? What are the risks??


This practice can kill you.
This is from my 7th grade science teacher's mouth, "Back in the days of sinched waists and petty coats, the ladies would buy this miracle pill, w/o knowing and ingest this parasite. They would have to starve themselves and dangle a piece of food in front of their mouths to coarse this worm out. Remember this worm has huge hooks as a head and will eat anything inside of you (including your heart and intestines)".

There was a man on tv that went to another country and when he got home to the states he was using the bathroom and pulled this thing out of his anus and it pulled like elastic and broke and wriggled back inside of him. He went to the dr. got the meds and killed this thing. It ended up being over 6 ft long when it "passed" out of him. Gross!

Don't think that you're this barbaric for vanity?
I suggest trying to go a bit more traditional, like exercising.