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Hey everyone.


Yesterday I went to see the vet with my cat. It was just ordinary control. She was pooping in front of his office while we were waiting ( and she never did this before).

When this vet and I started to clean it, we saw that my cat’s stool is a little bit different.

She has tapeworms. Vet took the stool to analyze it and he confirmed this to us.


I will start with treatment but I was wondering, what are the most common causes of tapeworms in cats?

Is there any chance to prevent those causes?

Tnx a lot!


Hi Zoo,

It's VERY common for a cat/kitten to get tapeworm.  Flea control is an important step in preventing many, not all, tapeworm infections.  Mice/birds and other small animals can also pass tapeworm along.



Hey there.


I was struggling with tapeworms in my kitten as well.

But medic – dan, thank you. I was not sure that mice and birds can pass tapeworm along.

I know that this is a very common issue in cats and kittens.


I don’t count anymore how many times I was struggling with it.

I was reading that tapeworms are acquired by ingesting the larvae. Eggs are frequently ingested through adult fleas.

Some other possible causes and potential transmitters are rabbits. I don’t know is this true since I don’t know that much about it.

It is good to know that birds and mice are as well.



Hey everyone.

Like medic – dan told you – this is very common.

Your cat can easily catch tapeworms but from my own experience you don't need to panic because you can heal it easily.

First you need to recognize signs of tapeworms in cats.

Some cats may bite or lick their anal area or maybe they can scoot their hindquarters along the floor.

Their fur may also take a poor appearance.

But look, if the infection is worse than usual, you can notice that in case the cat start to lose weight rapidly.

Now when we know the causes I need to tell you that tapeworms generally are not harmful for your cat.

But you need to determine what is the cause of it.



Hello. Tapeworms in cats are not particularly harmful to cats. There are a few clinical signs that can show you their presence. There are many ways and causes of this. For example the tapeworm cycle begins with the flea larvae. Transmission and causes of this can vary. But one of the main ways that cats can actually get worms is through the ingestion of the feces of infected felines. If your cat is still a kitten maybe her mother passed tapeworms. Luckily, it is nothing that serious and there are so many ways to prevent it. But still it is important for your cat to be checked by a vet.