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Hey folks. What is going on?

First, Happy new year to you! New year was not so good for me. I believe that my cat Marshall has tapeworms but there is no way to be sure in this since my wet is not working until 6th January.

Maybe I need to find other one, but the problem is that I don’t believe them. I didn’t have so good experiences with other vets.

Maybe you can help me? I saw that you are helping a lot of people with advice and experience. I want to know what are symptoms and tapeworms and tapeworms medicine for cats?


Hello. The most common sign that your cat has a tapeworm is small, white bits appearing in your pet’s stool. They look like tinny grains of rice. Symptoms of tapeworms infections are weight loss, dull coat, shabby coat and increased appetite. Treatment is usually easy and the vet will prescribe the pill for your cat. He usually prescribes a single dose of the medication and once the worm is dead the intestine will absorbed it. That is pretty much it. It is very easy to heal your cat from tapeworms with just one simple pill. But vet needs to prescribe pill for your cat.



Hey there.

We all are familiar with the symptoms of tapeworms. Now, about the medicines…

You can find a lot of them. They can come in the liquid form, like a powder or in tablets form. Sometimes cats are refusing the tablets so you can put them in her food.

I am giving Trade Winds tape worm tabs cat tablets to my cats. They can be given directly in the mouth but just like I told you, I mix them with the food.

They are safe to use for kittens from age 6 and older.

My vet prescribed those pills to my cat and I am satisfied.




I never heard about this medicine Love is pet. Where did you bought it?

What are the benefits of it?

When my cat had tapeworms I was giving her Tape Worms Tab. I like it because you don’t need a prescription to buy it and they are perfectly safe.

Active ingredient is praziquantel which is very effective in eliminating the tapeworms.

Mix it with the food like I do.

I am sure that you will see some progress very soon.

They don’t have any taste so your cat won’t be able to feel any different taste in the food.

Of course, consult your vet before giving those tabs to her.



Hey there.

I just can’t say a lot about symptoms because people already told you what you need to know. Yes those are the symptoms but you can easily connect them with some other diseases.

It is very important to observe your cats poop because you can easily see are there worms in it or not.

About the medicine I am not an expert so I really need to ask you – are they really helpful? When I need to give it to my cat and how often?

I am a little bit scared with it comes about chemical and medicines that is why I need to ask you so many questions.