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hi, i have a strange feeling up my bum, at first it started with just an inchy bum at night, it was very uncomfortable and more of a moving sensation so immediately got something to get ride of worms and then i noticed that i began to get a different feeling it is more to one side on my bum hole but like deeper in?? its not causing my any pain just really uncomfortable and strange so if you know anything about this let me know!!


I would suggest you explore the possibilty of parasites....sounds a bit scarey I know but they are very common and I have known many of my clients who have had them and not known.  Normal parasite treatment does not remove the whole cycle especially tapeworms who are not affected by any across the counter medications. You will need to have a full treatment which will remove everything, including the eggs, however need to address the intesinal problem that asissts and harbours any type of parasite especially tapeworm and 

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