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Ok, so im not really going to go into details about the sex but, well basically my period came a week early. and well after that im still bloated, im sleeping a lot more, im eating a lot, my lower tummy still gets cramps, i cant stand the smell of somethings, im very moody but trying to control it. i often randomly feel like vomiting but i dont. my nipples are a little darker and my breasts are slighty sensative. and i now have a cold for the second time this month. Can anyone tell me if i may be pregnant?


Hi honey! You DEFINITELY have the symptoms of pregnancy, but I would like to ask you few more questions OK?

1. Are your periods usually regular?
2. When did you ahve unprotected sex?
3. When you said your period came a week early, was it a full on period or more like spotting?
4. how long after unprotected sex did you start with these symptoms?