my name is Andrew and im 28 i was hurt in a work injury on feb 17th  and now was left with a destroyed right shoulder alot of nerve damage the resulted in muscle death in my shoulder girdle area looks like i was beat in with a bat and the RSD?CRPS sucks my doctors and family told me i had to file for disability and i did after being yelled at for 3 months i do not want to be disabled i was to work and show my kids that no matter what working for what you have is much more important than getting free stuff i want them to have a work ethic that this country is lacking in some areas i have written state senators asking for help maybe find me something i have written mayors and still to this day have not gotten a response from anyone lol i need some help if there is anyone out there that has any way of helping me find something besides going on disability all comments and thought will be looked into i had my disability apt yesterday and the doc that works for the social security disability said what everyone else has said im screwed but im not i have a good 40 years left of busting my ass pain or not and working please help