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I am at risk of getting HIV and not sure If I have it or not

my story is

I had a one night thing with a girl of unknown hiv status (met her in a club i am 21 she is 25).( I have hpv but I am not seeing any signs of warts on my penis.) I had unprotected vaginal sex with this girl for like 7 seconds and than I stopped. What is my chance of getting infected with hiv if the girl was infected. I am on my 25th day so far after haveing sex with her so my window is still open and is making me so stressed that I almost sometimes come to the point I puke what I eat. I have lost a lot of weight because of just thinking of the risks and have done every single search about hiv on the web to learn more.
I got tested a 3 week ago which came out negative but I am still at the very beggining of my window.

How easy hiv transmitted from females to males?
What is my risk of getting infetced? What is the risk of me getting infected because we both did oral sex to each other???
Also I fingered her which I feel really scared because sometimes I have small cuts on my cuticles. How fresh should a cut be to be able to take hiv into your blood system.

How accuaret are the test?? I am taking the oraquick one is the window really 90 days???? I am planning to take dna pcr what do u think about it?????

by the way I have had menegitis years ago and I know what lymph nodes are like. I am touching my neck and finding some nodes that I always think they are because of hiv. Do u think that lypmh nodes could get bigger as you are playing with them??? Moreover do lymph nodes go away??? Woudl it be possible that the nodes that I find are my old ones????

Please tell me what your intuition says.

My (hypothetical) exposure was short but still I feel like I will have that bad luck....

Thanks a lot again

Please tell me what you think I am very very scared and would respect your honest opinion.


Hi! I am sorry I have to say like this but please stop tripping!!!!

You had 7 seconds of unprotected intercourse and you don’t even know if the girl had Aids or not. Ok, you do have slim chances but this is not a reason to lose your health and weight over this.

Oral sex is said to be a way of transmission but it happens rarely, so you can’t say you were in that much risk.

The reason you are getting this paranoid is because of all that aids campaigns, which are good and needed but they are not made so that you would go tripping and worrying after having unprotected sex, it is so that you would protect yourself from finding yourself in such situation.

I know it is hard for you and that you are very worried and I am sorry I am harsh on you but you must not get so obsessed over this especially because you don’t even know if you partner was infected.

Lymph nodes can swell due to minor infection and of course they would react after constant touching and picking and they are probably even bigger in your mind than they already are.

Relax, first test said negative. Calm down, start doing other things, get this out of your mind, stop obsessing about it and you will be fine. For the sake of your mind, have another test in 6 months time just to be sure.

Good luck and calm down!



I agree with the above post. Please calm down. I'll tell you my story.
I thought (ands till sometimes believe) that I have HIV.
Firstly the oral carried very low risk of transmission but not impossible.
Second, 7 seconds??? Again....low risk but not impossible.
I have lost so much weight due to the stress of thinking this and finally summed up the courage to get tested at 5 months,then 7 months and I still find it hard to believe I'm negative!
If you contracted HIV, you most likely would've had a flu like illness few weeks later..not just swlloen nymph lodes...and yes sometimes, they stay swollen forever just because.
Fingering...even lower risk than the above. It would be good to know what the other persons status with HIV is....
The window period is 6 months..cut off point! But there has been one or two incidents where they didn't find HIV until one year later...but this is extremely rare to the point where it's not considered.
Get tested again at 3 months as 80% of people would show positive at this time and then again at 6 months...if you show - at 3 months, you should feel very relieved!!!
A few tips???? Use condoms always....and start eating!
I'll give you a website that is absolutley fantastic andhelped me a lot just by reading about other people's experiences can ask medical doctors about HIV.

Best Wishes


im in the same boat as u. i hav to wait 3 months to get tested and i cannot relax because i think i might die its driving me crazy and i am really unhappy and i am unable to do things with my friends without thinking that i might have hiv.


I'm sorry, but I just can't believe you had sex with a {female} knowing you have HPV? why would you risk your life having unprotected sex. I think we should all be bless we the life with minute or seven minute of pleasure is not more enjoyable or wonderful than an orgasm...
I wish you teh best and just stay positive. learn from the experiance...


Hey man. It can't get HIV in in this case I'm sure coz the chances of getting HIV happens 1 out of 100 actions of unprotected sex. So don't worry bro
have fun.


I can't believe you lasted only 7 seconds LMAO