I am 17 year old who has been taking the pill for over a year now. I have missed maybe one or two pills throughout the year, and none recently. I take them at the same time everyday too. 2 months ago, my period started a day late, but then was was super heavy (as mine normally are). The day my period was supposed to start I threw up after I came home from a run. I would randomally feel sick to my stomach and I lost my appettite. This month, my boyfriend and I had sex once and he used a condom (we normally dont, he always pulls out if we dont use one). I started it on time this month and it was heavy again. I have gone to the doctor twice in the past couple of weeks, but he has considered pregnancy to be an issue, though we did figure out I'm lactose intolerant. I havent felt sick to my stomach, but I have been hungrier than normal and my breasts have been hurting slightly. I am a late bloomer and dind't get my period until i was 14, so I could just be growing. Do you think I could be pregnant? Thanks