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My boyfriend and me have been dating 5 months and we have never used protection because I'm on birth control. We had sex almost a couple days after my period ended (two days in a row in January). My period is Tuesday-Sunday everytime. So now it's been around 2 weeks since then and I've been having nausea, dizziness, feeling like I'm going to pass out, gas, stomach pains (which is probably associated with the gas), headaches, and diarrhea (nasty, I know). I've talked with my doctor and he told me to wait and see if my period starts Tuesday. Is there any chance I could be pregnant? I know you can still have your period while you're pregnant, but I'll find out tomorrow if I am or not. I was just curious as to what my odds were. Please, I just really want to know. And my breasts are slightly sore.

Also, sometimes I miss a pill and take it the next day and I never take it at the same time. It's always after 4, so between 4-12 is when I'll take one.


Ok so me and my girlfriend were messing around im 17 and she is 15 well we were messing around and i was rubbing my penis bare on her vagina which was bare and she is on her period and i pre cummed and her tampon was yellow with cum im afraid she is pregnant what should i do