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hello iv been trying awhile to get pregnant and i have not had any luck i need to know what i can do to help idk when i ovulate or anything i know i should but i dont help me please what can i eat or take or do to get me preagnant?????????


What is "a while?"  We don't tend to consider fertility issues until after about a year with no pregnancy.

Try an ovulation calculator.  Or you can measure your Basal Body Temperature.  Basically your temperature will drop just before you ovulate then be slightly higher afterwards.

Or, most women on a 28 day cycle will ovulate between days 11-16.  Day 1 being when your period starts.  Sperm can live up to about 5 days, the egg is only viable about 48 hours.  So, try to plan having sex between about days 6-18.  

For food, just eat a healthy balanced diet.  

Hope it helps.