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I am 20 years old and me and my husband who is 22 have been trying to concieve for 9months now and have been unsuccessful. What can we do to help be successful? 


Hi KT,

First off, relax.  Don't focus on trying so hard.  I know this sounds odd but have you ever heard of a couple that tried for years to get pregnant, without success, only to finally adopt a child and then get pregnant?  It happens.

Normally we don't begin to consider fertility issues until after a year has passed without success.

1.  Do you know when you ovulate?  If not, find out.  Use an online ovulation calculator OR you can plot your body basal temperature.
2.  Try to have sex about 5 days before until 48 hours after ovulation.
3.  Eat healthy and get plenty of rest
4.  The same goes for your husband
5.  Avoid alcohol.  There are studies that indicate that consuming alcohol reduced the chances of conception by as much as 50% over women that didn't drink.  It didn't matter the amount consumed.
6.  Your husband should avoid alcohol too.  It can reduce sperm quality.
7.  Have your husband wear loose fitting underwear.  Sperm quality is better when the testicles are cool.

Hope it helps.