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i was informed about six months ago that i have fibroids, I then found out this morning that a more recent test suggests that I DONT have fibroid but an enlarge uterus. What causes this and is it possible for me to treat it successfully? In addition, an multiple abortions be the cause of this problem?


Hey tabai, well I am glad that you don't have fibroids, because it is a form of tumor, so it's a good thing that they diagnosed you. But I have a question for you, have they diagnosed the reason behind your enlarged uterus

There are several potentially dangerous reasons for your enlarged uterus and one of them could be ovarian cysts. That's not that bad because most women don't even feel the symptoms, but the symptoms are fullness, pain in the abdomen, nausea or even vomiting and many more. The good thing is that cysts disappear on their own in most cases.