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Hi first I wan t to say thank you to all you ladies for helping other woman like myself . I have been experienced the said symptoms and I went to my gyn and she claimed it could he a ruptured cyst and it would take care of itself . No it did not, I went back again and she was giving me her opinions and I said I want her to order me a ultrasound which she did the results came back that I have 1cm fibroid on one of my ovaries the other I have a cyst size 1·5cm my doctor claimed they are too small and she not worried because she don't treat them so small .... but yet I am still having the cramping pain across my lower abdomen toward my right side all the way round my lower back . And to top it off every time I go to back for the same continues problem she charges me .



to answer your question shortly - yes, most definitely ovarian cysts and uterine fibroids cause lower abdominal pain that radiates toward your back. And the second thing is - it's true that some ovarian cysts disappear on their own, but once the cyst is ruptured it becomes a medical emergency because any uncontrolled bleeding in your abdomen can be potentially fatal.

To be honest with you, even though ultrasound confirmed that cysts and fibroid haven't ruptured, I'd still try to find a better ob-gyn than the one you have now.

Wish you all the best,