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I have been known to have a very regular period... and have until Dec 2008. I had one on schedule around the 5th but then another one around the 14th. I had one in Jan '09 in line with the irregular one from the previous month and no period at all in Feb. I took three pregnancy tests and they were all negative. I scheduled an OB/GYN appointment but I can't get in until MAY!!! So instead, I scheduled one with my regular physician to do a well woman exam and a blood pregnancy test... but the day I booked, I thought I started my period and canceled the physician only (still have the OB/GYN in May). What I thought was my period has just turned out to be a very light pink discharge. I took another test because I've read this could be implantation but it says negative again. I'm moody, my breasts are slightly tender, having more headaches than usual, I have cramps in the PM, and for the first time, I was nauseas this morning when I woke up.... but my husband thinks its all in my head.

What is going on?!?!?!?


Did you find out what's going on? I know someone that is going through kind of the same thing but we have no clue what is going so if you could give us some information it would be greatly appreciated.