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After we’ve been trying to conceive for two years now, we decided to change our fertility doctor and she is sending me now to do a HSG test. Now, I’ve heard a lot of things about it, like that women can easily get pregnant after it’s done because the dye they injects clears the fallopian tubes. I guess even knowing they’re blocked is a step forward.

But, I also heard the test itself is very painful – my doc didn’t say anything about taking Advil or Tylenol before the test, like I’ve read from some experiences. Since I have a really low pain tolerance, would it be a good idea to take Advil before the test?



Hi Kate,

Do not take ANYTHING before the test unless your doctor tells you to.

Normally they will give you something, usually Advil or the equivalent, before the test.  But let THEM do it.  There are some drugs that can cause bleeding, such as aspirin, that you must avoid.  The other reason is that they'll want to make sure whatever you take has not expired and is the correct dose.  You'd be amazed at how many people never check expiration dates.

Basically a dye is injected into your uterus and it will spread throughout your reproductive system.  Then they take a series of x-rays to check the structures.

There can be some discomfort when the dye is injected and it can give you a "cold" feeling.  There should not be significant pain during the test.

Good luck