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i recently dyed my hair and as i was washing the hair dye out i noticed more hair came out of my head then normal, i ignored it and about a week later my scalp felt as if their was fiberglass in it, im continuing to loose hair slowly my hair is thinner then it was before the dye and it still is falling out and my scalp still feels like fiberglass is in my scalp, is their anything i can due to stop the hair loss and relieve my scalp???? i heard this is common what are people doing to stop this??


Make sure that you test your hair dye before applying. f your hair loss is caused by a controllable factor, such as using chemical hair dyes, then by all means, change your behavior. Take vitamin supplements, stop dying your hair, change your shampoo or choose a different method of birth control.On the other hand, hair loss could also be genetic. No, you can't alter your genes yet. But you can rely on natural medicines to help counteract an inherited hair loss trait. Vitamin E, Golden Maidenhair (found in a tea shampoo), red sage extracts (also found in some shampoos) and formulas that mix turmeric with horsetail or oat straw are all found to prevent or slow the process of hair loss. Additionally, eating a diet high in fruits and vegetables and low in starch may slow down the hair loss process, according to Arthur C. Upton in Staying Healthy in a Risky Environment.