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Good day there. I have a female cat. She is three years old and her behavior is so ugly lately. For the last three days she is meowing constantly and no one in my house or my neighbor can’t sleep.

She is sitting near the window and she is literally crying. I never had this situation with her before and I don’t know how to act and what to do. My friend told me that my cat is probably in heat and since today I didn’t even know what this means :/ Is this something serious? Should I see my vet? What are the sings of cat in heat and what is her behavior?


Hey there

You are joking, right?

You have a cat and you don’t have a clue what means that your cat is in heat? I just refuse to believe in this.

This is something what you need to know and…REALLY, YOU DON’T KNOW?


I don’t want to insult you, but you are not that good cat owner, right?

OK, sings:

  • Constant meowing,
  • Biting,
  • Scratching,
  • Hiding,
  • She is aggressive,
  • She doesn’t want to play,
  • She doesn’t want to eat..

Those are signs.

I suppose that you don’t know that you should not let her go out if you don’t want to have kittens, right?



Hey there.

Um, what? I am surprised as you are Love is pet. But let’s not judge :)

We are here to help, right? So, here are the signs that your cat is in heat.

Your cat becomes more affectionate than she is usual. Also, she rolls around the floor very often. 

You can notice that she is in heat when you see that she is caring her tail to one side. She becomes very vocal and she meows a lot. If she is licking her vulval are more than usual that is one more sign.

Those are just some of the potential signs.



I’ll make it simple for you- when your cat is in heat, it means that she is having those days when her only interest is to find a male cat for breeding. That’s when she becomes unbearable. She won’t stop meowing, she sometimes even becomes aggressive (especially if you are trying to force her to make a physical contact with you). My cats never refuse to eat, but I’ve heard that that’s something that can happen too while they’re in heat. My cats basically ignore me while they’re in heat and they seem uninterested in everything around them. They’re super annoying.



My cat is acting ok while she is in heat. I mean yes, it is a bit hard to deal with her when she starts meowing all day long and sometimes she is so active during evenings that it becomes very annoying, but unlike other cats she is bearable.  

She is beautiful and very unusual cat so we never spayed her. We always have neighbors asking us about kittens and can we give them one the next time we decide to breed her.

So we have kittens very often. We usually sell some of them and we give away the rest.

Maybe she is  not so hard to handle because we breed her regularly.



There are several signs that show that a cat is in heat:

  • Cat becomes very vocal, she is much louder than she usually is
  • She has become restless
  • She has suddenly started cuddling more than usual
  • Her tail is moving to one side (to make place for the males to approach her vulva)
  • Her vulva will become swollen (not enough for you to notice any physical difference) and she will start licking the area often


Keep in mind that cats tend to get adventurous during heat. Even if your cat never wants to leave the house, this might change while she is in heat. She might just disappear.



Hey don’t you worry. It is very easy to see when your cat is in heat. M cat was not in heat yet, but I can tell you that I am really prepared for it lol :)

My friend’s cat is in heat every month for two weeks. She is really ignorant lol :)

She is meowing constantly and she is scratching everything around her – the furniture, everyone who is around her.

Also she is not eating too much and she doesn’t want to drink water.

I still believe that this situation and signs are different from cat to cat.