I’m really worried I may be pregnant. I’ve had a missed period this month (it was due around 8-10th). I’ve never tracked my period as it’s very irregular, in December my period arrived on the 26th and then in February it arrived the second week. My boyfriend and I aren’t trying to conceive as we’re not in the right place in our life (financially, personally, etc) so we’ve tried to be as safe as we can. We don’t have sex too frequently because of this, maybe once a month? And when we do, he wears a condom and he withdraws, but could I still be pregnant? I took a pregnancy test last Wednesday one in the afternoon and one the following morning and they both came back negative. I have no symptoms of pregnancy but as of Sunday my breasts have felt heavier and are more sensitive which occurs before I get my period but it’s not happened yet. My boyfriend and I are really getting stressed which isn’t helping me as I don’t know what else to do and waiting for it has been getting me stressed and anxious. Can anyone help? Has this happened to anyone else before?