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when i was preg. i had a yeast infection and i was wondering will that affect my bb? i started getting this burning sensation when peeing and not sure could it be that i have a yeast infection again or could it be an std even though ive only been with my husband sexualy? do u know of some thing that really cures the yeast infections over the counter pls let me know i will b waiting on some answers


Hey well yeast infection is more common in women then you think and can be treated very easily.

here are some suggestions :

1. Buy yourself this soap for the vaginal area called "EVE" they sell them at your local pharmacy stor like cvs , walgreens ext.

Garlic is a big enemy of yeast! This is one of the most effective home remedies found for instant relief.

Drink plenty of water

Also try vinegar . Vingar kills the infection . so put a teaspoon of vinegar in hot water to boil , and wash your vaginal area with that .
So technically your washing your vagina with hot water with vinegar . it really works and reliefs alot of the burn and itching.

hope it helped. sincerely Kamila.