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I"v had this prob for about a month now,i went to my family doctor for a pap test and the results were YEAST INFECTION ! i finished my antibiotic 2 weeks ago ,and im still having symptoms along with a pimple on my bubic area,the pimple was small and filled with fluid,i need to know if this is a herpes OB?

note :this is my third yeast infection in the past 6 months


I hope you're not actually taking antibiotics to treat a yeast infection. That'll only make the condition worse.

In order to treat recurring yeast infections, you may need to go through a candida cleansing diet. Contrary to popular belief, if you have a yeast infection, you most likely don't only have yeast in the vaginal area. You're likely to have it all throughout your body, most chronically in your small intestine. It then goes down to your vaginal area from other areas.

Taking antibiotics is the most frequent culprit of a chronic candida infection in the body. Everyone has candida in their body, but it stays dormant because the good bacteria in the gut keep it at bay. When you take antibiotics, it kills the good bacteria, thus allowing the candida to grow to massive proportions.

A candida cleansing diet isn't especially fun, but if you want to make sure that you don't have yeast infection after yeast infection, it may be necessary. It requires cutting out certain foods for at least six weeks, but it sometimes requires up to 12 weeks. I won't give you the list unless this is something you want to try. If it is, give me a message or a reply.