Just been searching the net for help really. I am 24 and had an STD about 6 months ago (NSU) It was taken care of but i feel it has come back.

I get a yellow discharge from under my foreskin and the foreskin becomes soar and sometimes swells up. I do get little red rashes on my tip of my penis but they do not hurt. If feels better when i have a hot shower. It gets worse when i sweat!

The problem seems to last about 2-3 days then comes back in a week. Could i have a yeast infection? It seems to be the yeast under my foreskin that makes it like this. When its not soar and i pull the foreskin right back there is yeast present.

When i went to get tested for an STD which was 5-6months ago i kinda had the same thing however it was burning more when i peed. So maybe then i had the NSU std and thrush(yeast infection) maybe? And the antibocitos from the NSU made the thrush go away? I must admit when i shower i was my penis but do not pull the foreskin down and wash!

Please help!