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Hello Everyone.
According to me Love mean Faith on each other and good understanding with each other. If we are in true love with someone then we just think that he/she must be happy in any situation and we just think how can we help and support to him/her in bad situation. so that's correct definition of love. What do you think about love? or what is your definition about it?



Interesting thread!!! :-)

To me Love Means - Exhaling!

It means when your loved one crosses your mind or the room, you exhale with contentment! That no matter what the world throws at you that you can still BREATHE with that person around you!

To me Love Means - Anticipation!

Just can't wait to see or hear from that person! Smiling when you hear their truck pull up outside, or the door go!

To me Love Means - Whatever It Takes!

To kill for that person - as in protecting a child, To sacrifice your own happiness for that person, To do whatever you can to make that person feel cherished!

To me Love Means - Having Heart Pain from the thought of loosing that person!

When you see others whom have lost loved ones, then you think about what would it be like for yourself and your heart skips a beat with the thought of such devestating loss!

Love IS complicated, overwhelming, surprising, comforting, LIFE!