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Do you using penis stretchers before?
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There is no such thing as a "penis stretcher".

This is a concept that many insecure men clutch at as a solution to enlarge their penis...thinking it will benefit them or their partner in the long run.

Recently, much has been made of a technique called Jelque or similar stretching by milking the penis or attaching weights to it. The theory is that over time, it might stretch the length of the penis. However, there is no evidence that this work or that it will not do damage to the balloon like structures inside the penis which fill with blood to make it erect.

Your penis size is determined in part by the genetics that you inherit from your parents. You will most likely wind up looking most like your biological father, all things being equal. However, the impact of regular exercise, physical fitness, eating right and not abusing drugs, medicines or other hormones cannot be overlooked. The same hormones that help to convert a boy to manhood are tightly controlled by the medical community because of the strong desire by some to abuse them in a quest for "the perfect body" or "over-developed manhood". All hormones carry a risk and their artificial use carries a trade-off.

Best not to worry about how much you've got.... just how and when you choose to use it.