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Hello. I’ve been meaning to ask this question for a while now.

My sister told me about this weight loss product called Atro-Phex. It is supposed to be very good. Her plan is to start using it in September.

She has about 40 extra pounds now. But she would be satisfied if she could lose at least 20.

I really hope this product is not just another weight loss scam since I hate to see my sister disappointed and that is exactly what happens every time she starts using some weight loss product.

So, what do you think, is this supplement a real thing or just a scam?


Hello Julietteee. I don’t think Atro Phex is a scam. My mother bought it once. She actually didn’t even know what she was buying, she just heard that it will help her lose weight and she told her friend from work to get her one.

She started using it immediately after she received it and I can tell you that she started losing weight after a week or two.

She even got back her will to exercise and after two months she dropped 18 pounds, just like that.

I hope it will work even better for your sister. Let me know here did it work.



@SabrinaD thank you so much!
I was feeling down since I ran into some really bad reviews of this product. You lifted me up a bit.
I’m glad it worked so well for your mother. Some people would think that 18 pounds in two months is not that impressive, but I wouldn’t agree. I wouldn’t like that weight loss to be too sudden either. That way the organism has its time to adapt. And I’ve been told by the doctor that rapid weight loss is never healthy.
Especially for her since she is very sensitive and her immune system is pretty low.


Hi. @SabrinaD are you sure your mother was using Atro Phex?

If she did, can you ask her about the details, since I used it for several months and I didn’t get any results.

I also read many negative reviews and until I read your reply, I was 100% sure that it is just a scam.

Now I am not sure. If she really achieved losing 18 pounds, maybe I was doing something wrong.

Is there some diet I was supposed to follow? I did my regular workouts while using it, nothing special. I  went to the gym twice a week.

My cousin who used it also didn’t have any results, he lost 2 or 3 pounds.



Yeah, I’m pretty sure. I really don’t know what might be the reason for your lack of results.
Are you sure you followed the instructions, proper dosage etc.? Maybe your workouts weren’t strong enough?
My mother exercised almost every day (she is an ex athlete so she has always been physically active).
Her workouts are very intense.
And also pay attention, I think that this product has different dosage for men and women. I assume men are supposed to take an increased dose, am I right?
And don’t mind the negative reviews that you can find online. That might as well be some spoiled person expecting a magic pill to help him/her lose weight while he/she is eating junk food in front of TV.