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Good day,

So today, I accidentally met my old friend Matty from the high school today in the pharmacy store. To cut long story short, he was the hottest guy in my school and I have to say that all girls were absolutely crazy about him. Well, as I said – he was!

He is really, really fat now, I didn’t even recognized him at all. He told me that he was fatter a few months ago, and that he is using 72 hour diet pills to lose his pounds. He told me that those pills really worked in his case, but he told me that he is taking them five or six times a week!

I mean, isn’t that too much?

Can you tell me what is the proper dosage of 72 hour diet pills, because I really don’t know?

Somehow, I think that this is too much. 


Hey there,

I am not that sure about this. This is something that your doctor can tell you, that is for sure. I remember when my sister was using those diet pills, she went to see and consult her doctor and he told her that she can use those pills three times a day, before every meal, and that is totally enough for her weight.

I just remember that she lost her pounds, so that formula can’t be wrong, right? I think that she was taking five pills and she had some really bad nausea as well.

The doctor must be your first option. 



Hello there,

That was my opinion as well. I was really confused about this, I think that if you take something so often it really can be harmful. I don’t know, maybe I am wrong, but I believe that I have pretty much experience with this thing, with those diet pills :)

Anyway, thank you, I asked this just because of my curiosity :D

I will consult the doctor, he is my big friend as well, so I will ask him as well what he thinks about this stuff.

Anyway, thank you very much about your comment, it is really helpful :)

Have a nice day!