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First I wanna say hello to everybody. People from this site have been a huge support for me lately.

I am having some problems with my older daughter. She has a few extra pounds, maybe around 15. She really doesn’t eat much at home, so I have no idea where are all those pounds coming from.

She is now really persistent in buying some weight loss supplement called Thermo slim. Have you heard of it?

She is only 18 so you can understand why I am so worried.

Can somebody please tell me what are the side-effects that this weight loss supplement can cause?


Hello SabrinaD. I am so glad someone is having the same problems as I am (even though this sounds very bad). I also have a daughter. She is about to turn 16, so I can totally understand your worrying.

When it comes to Thermo slim, I think this is maybe the best choice. I’ve been reading the ingredients list and there is nothing to worry about there. This supplement consists of: Green Tea, Bitter Orange, Nutmeg, Gingko and Oriental Ginseng.

I think those ingredients are pretty safe and even if there were any side effects  of this supplement, they aren’t supposed to be dangerous.



She wants to start taking weight loss supplements and she is 18?? Oh my God… kids these days. When I was young, the solution for extra weight problems was running, riding bike with your friends, swimming during summer… We didn’t have the internet and I think barely few of us were aware that weight loss products existed.
Let me get back to your question. There are no known side effects of this drug. That is what the producers say. If you ask me you can maybe expect stomach upsets or constipation because of the green tea extract. Also headaches, vomiting or dizziness may happen. Sometimes an irregular heartbeat.