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Hi everyone. Does somebody here happen to know what is the right dosage of Adipex weight loss pills? I’m planning to start using them (hopefully the next week), but I don’t know am I suppose to take just one pill daily? I was also planning to get an appointment so that doctor can tell me the right dosage and everything, but is there any chance I could avoid that? If somebody used them can you tell me what was your daily dosage and was it prescribed for you individually by the doctor or is the dosage the same for everyone? 


Well hello Aidan1.

I can’t help you with this one, although my close friend was using them. I really can’t remember what was his daily dose.

I just wanted to give an advice to you and everyone else that is planning to use this kind of stuff without any prescription or talking with a nutrition. Please, think twice.

Every metabolism is individual and the dose that works well for somebody maybe won’t be good for you. People often put themselves in a bad situation because they take this stuff for granted.

Hope you will still decide to get an appointment. 



Hi Aidan.

My sister was using these so I know what dosage is recommended , or at least, was recommended to her.

I must just say first that I totally agree with Aristotle40, you should get an appointment. There is no such thing as a time loss when we're talking about our health.

My sister was using Adipex-P (Phentermine Hydrochloride) and her maximum daily dose was 37.5mg. If you' re planning to use Adipex- Retard (Phentermine Resinate) your maximum dose should be 150mg. Please, beware that this is the dose that is recommended/prescribed for adults with severe obesity. Your daily dosage should be prescribed by a doctor and based on your obesity severity.