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hi, i am 16 years old, i usually dont use a condom but am careful and ive been fine but i had unprotected sex 2 nights ago, he cummed inside me and im scared that i am pregnant. I do not have any symptoms. what is the possibility that i am pregnant? and how long should i wait to get tested?


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well it really depends on where you are in your cycle. when are you suppose to have your next period and are the regular?

since he came inside ytou there is a fair chance you could become pregnate. what you can try is to take a plan B pill but these have to be taken within 72hours of having unprotected sex. otherwise wait until you are suppose to have your period and if you dont get it then take a test.

if you chose to engage in sex you have to be safe. absenice is always best.
ps if you are under stress it does delay periods so if you are late it doesnt necessarily mean your pregnate.

Hope this helps ;-)