i had my period on the 10th january. I got nexplanon implant in but because i was depressed started taking st johns wort for about 2 days (stupid i know). I had sex on the 17th jan he came in me then few days i had thick brown heavy discharge had slight cramps to(tmi sorry) like i had since having the implant in instead of a normal period. I then slept with someone on the 1st and 2nd of feb i was also taking st johns wort for a few days before and few days after i didnt have that discharge like before. My next period was supposed to be due on the 7th feb that didnt turn up but on the 1st march i started gettin slight cramps on the left hand side of my lower belly and started spotting on the 2nd which got a bit heavier until the 3/4th (only had a bit of pinkish blood when wiped once rest looked like old blood) now on the 5th of march its stopped completly i should mention that for about a week and a half ive been feeling like there is air bubbles coming out of my vagina and ive read somewhere this can be a symptom of early pregnancy also my nipples have been tender and ive been feeling really nausea ive also had loads of spots since the 10th jan (havent before but could be the thought of the guy i love moving in with someone else tho) Could i be pregnant?? or very unlikely??