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I´m interesting in contact persons with this syndrom, I´m 35 years old and I have the syndrom, I would like to know different experiences, trataments and results. 

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Do you recomend the surgery to remove the transitional vertebrae, my is in the fith.

Thank u


Hi I have Bertolotti's also although i'm having great difficulty getting the help that I need I was diagnosed in nov 08 by my surgeon in London however as he was extremely busy during my appointment i had waited 18 months for he sent someone else in to tell me and unfortunately that person did not know what it was. I have to say that i am appalled at the level of information for patients on this syndrome and the lack of concern that is shown from health professionals regarding this syndrome, I came home from the diagnosis to look up the syndrome on internet only to find technical terms and nothing for the patient to understand. I'm very frustrated with this as I get booked in for MRI's CT scans and have to have them re-done because getting an appointment for the follow up is nearly a year long wait. I had a CT scan in August my appointment letter arrived for my results for may 2010, however what normally happens is nearer the date it will either be cancelled or delayed or I attend appointment only to be told that the surgeon does work in this hospital on this day you will have to travel halfway across london on public transport standing up on a vibrating bus and once you get to the hospital where the surgeon actually is they forget about you in the waiting room for 5 very uncomfortable hours. Once seen by surgeon who looked at his computer screen for the full ten minute appointment instead of taking in his patient was told i would have to have injections in to my spine once again that do not work great thanks when are people going to take this syndrome seriuosly I've had three children so i know what pain is and this grounds me down daily constant nagging pains deep aching pains like someone is scrapping out the marrow in my bones, physio does not help and they don't really know what to suggest, the pains in my knees and hips is constant I apologise if it seems like i'm moaning i'm just so tired from the pain and need a break from it. What i have learnt about my condition is don't try to do to much it makes it worse for days afterwards do not lift anything heavy this will put you on your back for days. And lastly don't bother to try and getting any help from your government in benefits as you can no longer works as although this is a birth defect in the spine you are not disabled in their eyes I am looking into my human rights regarding this.

I use a spray called RADIAN B from the chemist which takes the bite out of some of the pain it lessons the sharp shooting pains and some of the muscle guard to make it a bit more bareable and i alternate between this and Ibulieve.

Finally can anyone tell me if there also have problems when they lay flat on their back does anyone else have "clicking" in their knees and hips and a build up of tension before the click which is almost unbearable the clicks are very load and hurt sometimes if you've not clicked in a little while, these a generally worse in evening, does anyone else feel very very tired and irritable all the time? and have problems walking?


I was diagnosed with Bertolotti's Syndrome in high school, and was told it wouldn't effect my life. Lately I've been in tons of pain, to the point where even laying doing nothing hurts. I've been reading up on this, and it seems like it's starting to become symptomatic. I'm 22 years old, and I find that being in constant pain is quite problematic, because I'm forced to have a desk job that doesn't require constant physical work. I've been searching on how to relieve the pain without resorting to medication, because the only medication that works are muscle relaxers, and narcotics, and I can't take them while I work, because it hinders my work performance. I guess all that i found is constant small exercises, such as walks, and swimming. But in the winter this becomes very uncomfortable. Does anyone else know how to relieve the pain in other ways?




It is of course a very painful syndrome , there is paucity of data in literature to the best procedure / treatment for this condition.

A review of literature provides this useful information, Hope they may be of help for some of you :

However , before considering on any major surgery , it is worth trying less invasive procedure like viz,/ Facet block/ RF ablation of nerves supplying the hypertrophied L4-5 Facet joint ,that is believed to the the root cause of pain on the side opposite to the abnormal fusion .

These procedures are usually done by an anaesthetist with Interventional pain relief qualifications/ interest.

It is also possible for some patients to have pain on the same side of abnormal fusion at the pseudoarthrosis site.

It is the status of the Disc between the two vertebrae at L4-5 and L5-S1, that dictate the best treatment option for surgical treatment if less invasive eventually proves in effective.

If the disc is healthy , then definitive treatment will be in favour of - Disarticulating the abnormal articulation.

The other set of patients with disc degeneration, Fusion becomes a alternative , with facet resection , leaving the abnormal articulation untouched.

Make the best effort to meet the appropriate doctor.

Take home message :

This condition has varied presentation [same /opp side pain ], that may or may not run down the buttock / leg.

A degenerated disc adjacent the transitional vertebra makes the diagnosis /  treatment decision more difficult.

Minimally invasive procedures are worth trying even though at times it may not help / not harmful also if it fails.

Surgical treatment is often individualised , lucky ones can have lifetime relief from this pain.






Hi dretana,

Have you had the surgery to remove the transitional vertebrae?

How do you feel now.

Did you have disc hernation before surgery?

I´m also interesting in contact persons with Bertolotti syndrom.

Best regards




mines in the fifth as well as they didnt offer surgery they gave me toradol and tylenol 3 and said do Physio