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hey all

my first post here

im a Sophmore in HS and me and three other kids are running in a Sophmore Championship 4 by 400 at the Armory in NYC for the New Balance Games

ive worked my ass off all year to make it to the top 4 400 runner in my class ( abour 850 kids ) and it all comes down to basically this one meet!

im just wonderin what i should eat leading up to the meet, the night before, and the mornin of the meet

I will be running a Quarter Mile and we think we have a REAL good chance of medaling!

Remember this will not be a long race ( hopefully ) so keep that in mind

thanks alot for all of your help

p.s. Wish me tons of luck!


About the only advice I can give ya on "race food" is to not make it anything different than your usual fare. If your training diet is high on carbs with doses of meat and fiber/veggies, then that's exactly what to eat before the race. By all means, don't introduce something you're not 100% sure about how your digestive tract is going to react. Keep well hydrated the days leading up to race day. Go easy or totally cut out the animal products in the final 12-hrs before racing. A pre-race morning meal that is standard stuff for runners is a bagel, banana and jug of gatorade. Good luck and let us know how the race turns out!!


Banana, and Bagel for me pre race

Good luck