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im about to be 16 I have facial hair armpit hair and a lot of pubic hair. But I have a really small penis it is 4.5 inches erect and about 2.5 soft and also I don't feel like my balls have dropped either what's wrong. When I masterbate I produce semen but not very much please help.


Hi Guest,

1.  Your balls drop at/near birth.  You can feel them both in your scrotum correct?

2.  Your penis is not very small.  Average for an ADULT is 5.1".  Don't compare yourself to others.  It can grow into your early 20's too.

3.  How often do you masturbate and how quick do you ejaculate?  You should be able to last for HOURS.  The longer you are aroused the more semen you'll have.

Hope it helps.