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Ok, im 14 and havent hit puberty. When i ejaculate like a sticky clear stuff comes out but its not white. I have very little hair down there and i dont have any armpit hair and my balls haven't dropped. i haver no facial hair and i am 1-2.5 inches. i smoke (i have stopped) which i started at nine and quit at 13 and i have done some things before. So whats wrong? should i visit the doctor??? My penis is getting a tad bigger but i think that's cause im gaining weight. Please give advice


You certainly have hit puberty. That clear sticky stuff that comes out is cum. It doesn't have to be white. So you can ejaculate and you have pubic hair.

Armpit hair will come soon, and your balls will drop, although I suspect they have. Can you feel them in your scrotum? Your penis is beginning to grow too.

You're just not developing as early as some of your friends, there is nothing wrong with that. Give it some time. Nothing is wrong. If you're gaining weight you are probably about ready to go through a growth spurt.

Hang in there, puberty is happening as we speak.