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I have started to produce clear semen earlier this month. Have I started puberty? When will my penis begin to grow? My penis is maybe 1 to 1 1/2 inches flaccid and 2 to 2 1/2 inches erect. I am thirteen years old. I read a article that said if your penis hasn’t started growing by the age of 14 then I have delayed puberty. Please tell me if I have started and an estimate on when I will grow. Also when will my jawline, shoulders broadening, and muscles getting bigger start? I am so exited about this and I’m also worried because I want to have a relationship in a few years and I’m hoping all of this will start soon! Please tell me when and if this has started. Thanks!


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Hey guest if you are able to ejaculate then yes congrats you have started puberty..... itsnimportant to remember that everyone goes through puberty differently some faster than others. Some people get armpit hair before their voice deepens others get pubic hair first it just depends.    Usually the first sign of puberty is your testicles begin to get bigger and may hang Lower in your scrotum. Then usually pubic hair starts to develop followed by other characteristics like low voice, armpit, leg facial abdominal and chest hair...... as for ejaculation it usually starts about 1 yr after the start of pubic hair. It usually starts as a small amount of clear liquid released during orgasm and gets more volume and milky as you continue puberty.  Penis growth also varies . Usually it gets longer before wider. The average erect adult penis is only 5-6 inches and you have plenty of time to grow...... the penis can grow up until your early 20s