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Ive recently been hospitalized and when they gave me an I.V in my left arm it was hurting me and when the nurse came to check it there was a little bit of blood in the tube.she had adjusted it and it felt better i guess.but now its a few days later and the vein in the left arm where the I.V was inserted has swelled up to where i can feel the vein with the slightest touch of my finger.its kind of hard and painful to the touch.any ideas of what this could mean?id appreciate serious answers from someone in the medicle field or someone who has had a similiar situation occur due to an I.V please.


Hello HecMed,

What you have doesn't sound serious.  You may have been bruised from the placement of the IV.  This is not uncommon.  Your vein is somewhat damaged and some inflammatiion has set in.  Your vein is trying to heal itself and that's normal.  At this point in time, you want to keep from hitting that area to bruise it further.  If you want you could put a bandage on it or some gauze and tape to protect it.  Between needles and IVs the nurses end up turning me into a pin cushion.  But, really it depends on the skill of the person trying collect blood or infuse some liquids into your system.  I was once told I had collapsing veins.  Veins do collapse but not due to this.  They simply screwed up my veins.  But, hey that's okay, the vein will repair itself.