I had a septoplasty/turbinate reduction surgery performed back in early April of this year. This was my 2nd septoplasty (had one when I was 15, I am now 26). I had this recent surgery b/c I was constantly having trouble breathing through the left side of my nose. My septum was and still is shaped like a "C," blocking the airflow. You can see my issues in my profile picture. Now post op over 8 months, my septum is the same shape and is giving me the same problems. This wouldn't be so bad if my right side now wasn't constantly collapsing every time I breathe in. Now I told the doctor before surgery that it was my left side that needed help and that my right side was perfectly fine; but for some reason after surgery, he told me that the deviation was actually to the right and that he removed a spur from the right side. Now I'm no doctor, but I can certainly feel which side the deviation is going! I remember 3 months post op and still not being able to breathe hardly at all through my nose, I went in to be seen. He told me that the spur he removed was ultimately supporting the nasal valve from collapsing. He also told me that the surgery we did cannot cause an internal nasal valve collapse. So one of my questions is have you ever heard of a similar situation occurring after the same surgery? So to address my issues, I went to see a facial plastic surgeon who specializes in rhinoplasty. He's telling me a septorhinoplasty would be the way to go to fix everything. He wants to take my septum out, cut it to straighten it out to fit right, and put it back in. To help give support to the right side, he wants to take cartilage from my ear and put it into my nose to keep it from collapsing. My second question is does this sound like the right procedure to do? I'm also curious of how my septum is the same shape after septoplasty? I mean isn't that what that surgery is supposed to do? Take out the piece that's deviated? Therefore, changing the shape of the nose? My profile picture shows my right side collapsing and my septum jutting out to the left. This will be my 3rd nasal surgery so I'm really hoping to get it right this time! Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!