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Well my pain is in my lower leg idk what its called but it cramps all the time I need help


Hello wow this is hard,

A lower leg pain can have many causes.  If you are exercising or just stretching in bed, you can get a Charley Horse.  This really hurts and there is really no way to stop it when it start.  Your leg muscle may be over worked and simply can't release it's contraction and it locks in place.  On the other hand you may have a vein problem in the calves of your legs.  Blood from you feet and lower legs have to be returned back to the heart by way of your leg veins.  These veins have the tendency to collapse and this is a low pressure system.  These veins have valves in them to prevent blood from flowing backward going beck to feet.  Sometimes these valves don't work properly because there may be plaque buildup (deep vein thrombosis) or your vein walls are weak.  This is a serious condition and requires medical attention as soon as possible.