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I'm always weary of getting my gf pregnant so after sex I thoroughly check the condom for breakage and any signs of semen outside the condom. recently I have noticed a white, sort of milky substance outside the condom.

It does not appear to be semen and when rubbing it between my fingers it appears to become clear (or I was just rubbing it into my skin or something). Is it semen or my gf's vaginal lubrication? What colour is vaginal lubrication?

Should I be worried? there were no signs of any breakage of the condom what so ever, the only thing I could think of is if some semen had been squeezed out from the bottom of the condom.

Also she took the morning after pill the day before the day I noticed the substance. so will that pill still be in her system? or does she have to get it again? is it safe to get it two days in quick succession?


Not at all! Girls cum too so it was her dont worry a girls cum looks the same, hope this helped