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I had sex with my partner last week and the both times, there was a milky fluid on my condom. THe first time, I swiped some of it off with my finger and it smelled like semen. There was also a wet spot that also smelled like semen. There was also fluid around her opening. I had ejaculated and thrust a little but I pulled out when it was still semi-erect. I showered to rinse off my penis thoroughly, and used a new condom for our second round. This time, there was no wet spot on the bed, but there was milky fluid around the base of my penis. I was still semi erect, but did not thrust into her(I believe) after ejaculating. The odd thing is, we've had sex at least 20 times before this, and this has never happened(milky substance showing up that smelled like semen). One thing to note is, she has been discharging a white substance for the past 2 months (she doesn't want to treat it) and it has gotten onto my condom every time we've had sex. I use Durex Extra Sensitive. Because it had a reservoir, I never pinched the head while unrolling and never had problems before, but I'm worried now that not pinching it may have caused this.

I think I made her orgasm both times(which was new), because it had been a month or two since the last time we had sex; during that time, we had grown immensely closer and loved each other on a profoundly deeper level. Did the fluid come from me or her?

1)What could that milky fluid have been?
2)What does female ejaculate smell like? COuld it have been another fluid from her?
3)Could she be pregnant? I'm very worried.

Both times, the condom was intact, so condom breakage isn't possible. If it is my fluid, how likely is it that she is pregnant? This happened on the 14th of this month and I think she gets her period the 1st week of the month or 2nd.


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