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i know for a fact im not pregnant. I feel like theres something wrong? when my breasts get squeezed a milky substance literately SHOOTS out of my nipples. like they are peeing. the first time it started happening it would only drip when squeezed but now they shoot streams. It hurts when I don't sqeeze them so I have to keep on sqeezing them and If stop for one second they'll start hurting again. Also if I touch my breasts in the slightest way the milk and that's problem when I try to get change it's hard to get anything on me because the milk will shoot out of my breasts and get cloths socking wet. what in the world is going on with me? I've never had sex before. I've never be pregnet and I've done lots of tests to see If I'm pregnet. SOME PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hello Rachel

Breast discharge, especially milky fluid is as a result of pregnancy or over stimulation of breasts [nipples]. Clothing which can rub on your nipples and excite them - can eventually cause issues from over sensitive nipples and breast.

But, however you have a full scale lactation. Only plausible reason is an over active pitutary gland - this gland is a small sized organ which sercetes oxytocin which helps in producing milk in breasts. If someone has an overactive pitutary gland - as in a tumor associated with it, eventually breasts will start lactating.

Yes, this condition warrants a thorough check up. Please visit your doctor and express your condition thoroughly and precisely. In all good faith, doctor will recommend some tests to rule out tumors and the like - or if tumor is discovered - surgical procedure or medication will take care of this problem. Good luck