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First off let me say this, for the most part you are a nicely put together message board, but I was reading a couple of threads with language and themes that some would consider inappropriate, and I had an idea.

Now, I'm aware that someone with the "supporter" title can report inappropriate behavior to moderators, but some times it can go days without the problem being resolved, simply because there's no way of bringing attention to certain posts. I was thinking if you gave certain people privileges to ONLY send reports to moderators, then the supporters could focus more on other aspects of their position and this whole forum could overall seem more welcoming (not saying that you aren't already).

Questions? I've pretty much sorted everything out, so if I was unclear about something, then I'll try my best to explain it.


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Hi Winthrop,

Thank you for your suggestion. Well, we already considered to add similar features, and we are going to implement it pretty soon. Your suggestion about giving specific user permissions for specific action is quite interesting, and we are going to consider it for sure.