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Hello everyone.

I am reading a lot about foods and I am trying to learn what foods are good for our heart and which foods are bad. I want to make some changes in my life and I know that it is never too late.

Now, I am eating grains my whole life and when I was reading this list – what foods are bad for our heart, grains were on that list.

I was surprised because I didn’t know that grains can be that dangerous: /

I want to know why grains are bad for our heart.

Thank you! Tell me whatever you know.



Hey there.

It is a good decision to make your food habits. I should do this as well. It depends what grains.

Someone will tell you that cereal grains are well for your health, even if this subject is sometimes controversial. But I have to disagree.

Grains are not regular consumed and sometimes people can’t digest them. This makes toxins.

They contain cholesterol also and those are bad for your health, your blood and your heart. But I do believe that you can eat grains for one meal. I think that this can make something bad to your heart.

Or I am wrong? :/



Hello everyone. Well it is very simple actually. Whole wheat drastically raises small, dense LDL cholesterol. That is bad cholesterol in case if you didn’t know.

Bad cholesterol are associated with a greater risk of heart diseases and a lot of studies have shown that there isn’t just one type of LDL – there are many of them.

Well people who have mostly small LDL particles are at the greater risk of heart disease.

So whenever you can you should avoid whole wheat. I know that a lot of healthy menu are based at whole wheat but it is not that good.



Hey everyone.

I need to be totally honest with you – I have never heard that grains are bad for our heart. I have heard that grains can be dangerous for some issues but I have never heard that they can impact your heart.

So I did some research about this issue and I found that the only thing that grains can be connected with is cholesterol.

It makes a sense. I know that cholesterol can affect our hearts so I started to avoid to eat grains even if I was eating them very often.

I just want to thank you because you helped me.



Hey….of course that grains can be bad for your heart. Grains generally can be potential risk of many diseases and heart issues. I remember that I was talking with my doctor and he suggested me to avoid it because generally all doctors will recommend you grain free diet program. I also never had any problems with grains but when my doctor told me all potential issues that can happen I just stopped eating it. Generally my conclusion is that grains are very poor choice for your heart and you need to switch your eating plan. Good luck.