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At the end of January my girlfriend discovered that she was 4 weeks pregnant and went to a doctor to get everything checked out. The doctor said that something was wrong and she was going to have a miscarriage; about a week after that she started to become very sick and bled profusely. She went back to the doctor for a blood test and it came back negative, and she had the rest of the fetus evacuated to make sure there was nothing left that could become septic. Please bear in mind that I didn't know of anything that was going on until a few days after she had the rest evacuated. After this her stomach did swell up a little but from what I can tell has stayed the same size since mid-June/early-July.

Now, about 2 weeks ago her mom made her take a home pregnancy test and it came back positive. She claims to have continued to have her periods also, when I ask her about it she says it's not just random vaginal bleeding, but does come in a rough monthly schedule and the discharge is darker than usual.

Is she indeed still pregnant? Is the home pregnancy test maybe a faulty one? Is the home pregnancy test very inaccurate due to the miscarriage?


If your girlfriend is still pregnant from January then she will be due to give birth very shortly.

However, it is possible that she did miscarry in January and is pregnant again. Pregnancy tests very rarely show a false positive and as the miscarriage was 6/7 months ago the hormones (HCG) from the previous pregnancy would have settled down, therefore the pregnancy tests would be picking up a new set of HCG readings.