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Hey all, this is a random question but I am having issues right now si I am gonna ask, does anyone have a very sad story to tell, whether you just lost a loved one, or were abused, or divorced parents, raped, bad or hard living conditions, anything that you do not deserve to be happening to you, please tell me. I am having issuses in nearly all of those catagories, [ accept raped, well sorta, yeah ] so I would very much feel better if you could tell me your stories, thank you all.


Honey i have experienced All of the above. I am 52 years young and managed to stay alive to tell about it. Right this minute i am going thru what looks like is going to be a blood bath of a divorce. Trust me, if it doesn't kill you, it will definetly make you a hell of a strong women.


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All those things are life experiences. They may seem hard or bad but they are what makes you, you. I don't know anyone who thinks life is fair. It isn't!!

You can let them destroy you or you can let them make you a better person. It's all up to you.

It's kind of like basic training in the army. I wouldn't do it again for a million dollars and I wouldn't give it up for a million either.

Holding a grudge, doesn't hurt the other person a bit, but it sure hurts you and feeling put upon due to some random thing that happened to you instead of the other guy is just as bad. So you take what you do have and make the best of it.

Now here's my "sad" story.

I couldn't afford to go to the electronics school I wanted after high school so I joined the army to get the training.

I had already been working at a TV shop since I was 13 so when I got out I went back there. At that time, 1962, my trade paid almost $2/hr while I could have gotten $3/hr in an industrial setting. I liked fixing TVs. It was a great feeling to go to an elderly couples home where they were living in just one room because they couldn't afford to heat more than one room. Get into the TV, and try several tubes then take some out, leaving maybe two or three in the TV. Then tell them it didn't need any, all I had to do was adjust it and charge them for no parts and less than the normal service call rate because I knew they couldn't afford it. My boss always allowed me to do that. Until about 15 years ago TV repair was always a rewarding job for me, just not so much, financially. I always felt I was doing a service for my neighbors. Then strangers began moving into town and they just thought I was screwing them. Everybody knows how to fix their own TV, it's easy, just ask them. They only call me because they don't feel like being bothered. So much for job satisfaction!!!

About 10 years ago a large company in town was looking for 200 technicians. The TV repair business had shrunk to where I was going to have to give up my health insurance. My annual profit for 1999 was less than the minimum wage. They were offering me 4 times what I was earning in my TV shop and when I figured in the value of their health insurance that made it 5 times what I had been making. I don't know when the industrial electronics side began to outstrip the customer service side by so much, but it is apparent that if I had gone industrial instead of choosing to help my fellow citizens, I would certainly have much more wealth now. To add a little insult to the deal I found the people they now called technicians on the industrial side, were so inadept that I wouldn't have hired them to deliver and install TVs. The certainly didn't have the technical abillity to repair one. The type of work I know how to do is what they hire engineers to do. And I can't be one because I didn't go to college.

About 7 years after I got out of the army I found a veterans benefit handbook in a wastebasket. After reading it I discovered I was elegible for a no down payment loan guarantee to buy a house. They were supposed to tell me all about that stuff as I was processing out of the army, but they didn't. I just wasted 7 years paying rent, money that I could have been using to buy a house. How fair is that? My wife and I went right out and bought a house. I knew I would never earn enough as a TV repairman to be able to buy a single family house for us to live in all alone so I had to buy a house with apartments to help pay the mortgage. Now all those great deals they have for homeowners like government rebates for energy saving stuff and low income assistance ---- I don't qualify for any of them because I couldn't afford to buy a single family house.

About 25 years ago the federal government gave the states money to use to help low income home owners install energy saving windows. My state used the money to give no interest loans for the windows. Big deal, you had to pay full price for the windows, but the loan had no finance charges. I applied for it anyway. A month later I got a letter from the governor's office telling me I didn't qualify for the loan because I didn't have enough income. I didn't earn enough money to qualify for low income assistance.

So I have a house with 2, 3 room apartments I rent out and and a 6 room apartment for myself. I figured if the house was paid for by the time I reached retirement age, I would turn the three bedrooms I no longer needed into another 3 room apartment and that income plus SS would give us a decent retirement. The zoning laws allowed me to have 4 apartments in the house but because I had a home occupation (the TV shop) I could only have three until I closed the TV shop. The year before I was to retire the town changed the zoning codes so I can't do the extra apartment. I had to refinance the house to pay for my bypass surgery 13 years ago so I still have a mortgage and without the extra apartment I will now have a negative cash flow if (when) my wife stops working so we will lose our house.

Well ---- I know what my future holds (unless I win the lottery) because we both can't continue working forever. So I kind of got screwed on most everything on my way here and now I've been screwed out of my retirement by the voters of my town. Boy am I glad I gave up on getting a good paying industrial job to help my fellow citizens. They showed me just how much they appreciated it.

So my wife and I have to work until we die or get sick and then go live under a bridge somewhere after the bank takes our home.

Oh yeah, another kick in the teeth ---- they won't get enough money for the house to pay off the mortgage and because of the apartments I will owe close to $100,000 to the state and federal governments for capitol gains taxes. They will take that out of our SS payments, so we can't afford to get into public housing.

My 44 year old son lives with his wife in her father's house so there's no place for us there. Our 40 year old son still lives with us so he will be homeless along with us.

But I've done a lot a lot of fun things in my life and I'm still having fun, so who knows how it will turn out? Maybe I WILL win the lottery.

At any rate, my conscience is clear. I know I didn't get here by screwing people and as general Stark said to his men, "Death is not the worst of evils".