Scientists have found a new way to fight one of the most common diseases in the world-obesity.

Their new method encourages walking while working. They report that a walking worker would be capable of burning 100 calories an hour, 800 calories a day if they decided to walk as they talked on the telephones, sent e-mails and even hold meetings.

Dr. James Levine, an endocrinologist at the Rochester, Minnesota is the one whose researches actually made some of the U.S. workers spend their working hours on a treadmill. It was estimated that this kind of attitude would save both time and money in trying to beat obesity. “Better to prevent that heal” was always a healthy attitude towards life.

In order to show how people burn energy during their every day activities, James Levine designed offices to keep the workers active during their working hours by placing treadmills next to desks, computers and telephones, and office walking tracks, marked by lines on the floor.

Although some of the workers have excepted the idea, a majority of others feel this is silly not even realizing that this kind of behaviour could help them stay active during working hours, saving their time for other activities and having a good impact on their health.

Unfortunately, it will take quite some time until this kind of approach is accepted by many.