How to burn what accumulates in our bodies of calories (kcal) per day, is to have to diet, which often fall in the exam early days?It's the eternal question, which does not stop we are every day, since we reach adolescence even last a lifetime. Although there are more than one answer useful, the first should always exercise, stay repeat the question because we are looking for an answer that satisfies us, and relieve us of their sport and requirements.

It is axiomatic that sport is the best way to burn calories. As much as we practice and longer burn more calories. But Dr. Thomas Paul - Robert preaches us in his recent book «burned calories that there are many ways to, including deep sleep and sex.The book asserts that sleep 8 hours a day helps us to burn 480 calories, and that sex burns 200 to 300 calories, and the more exercise coupled with passion towards partner and a lot of hugs, increased the amount of calories burned.

Sports first Stems Thomas Paul Robert in providing various ways of asking the question as different: how to burn calories or without sports?The answer: in logic and science, sport remains the first required. But we have to know the type of sport that suits us and approve our mood, and we can practice of gradual, from easy to difficult. So that, in order to give the sport returns, we must increase the pace of our practice, and increase the size of our effort every time more than the previous.

Means forgotten There are many ways and means to burn calories, provided to us by the activities of daily life, both ordinary and extraordinary, but we often neglect or forget their importance.This means that the increase vitality in daily movement, especially in light of the following scientific facts:- Sit and get up and walk navigation on the feet between the usual places, all of which are physical sports activities consume between 20 and 40% of our energy.- Physiological functions carried out by our bodies every moment, and with it holds constant burning of calories. The production of metabolic biggest calorie burner, because it consumes between 60 to 70% of the energy that lies in our bodies, so the greater the metabolic activity rose a burn it amount of calories.

What should be mentioned here, that, thanks to your metabolism burns calories our bodies, even when it is relaxed.

Digestion, which is another function performed by the body, contributes to burn calories, because the process of digestion exhausted 10% of the energy of the body.Secrets small We have to know that every hour we spend in thinking, contribute to burn 64 calories?But think of no better than sleep, with the latter not only helps us to burn 60 calories per hour, because we usually sleep time than the time we spend thinking.But this should not lead us to spend our lives in sleep, P «many little brother. The ideal time to sleep a day, preferably at night, which is 8 hours, which helps to burn 480 calories.If we give more to the Sultan of Cree, we are losing in idle which accumulates reasons for inactivity required for the consumption of energy stored in the body.Inconsolable dormant, there is no mystery that does not burn calories if there is no effort burn. The effort here is not necessarily the sport. Enough to know that every quarter of an hour from the normal daily activity, trivial and non-strenuous, contributes to burn 50 calories?

We should not forget that we can not be curvaceous unless we consume more energy than we enter the food daily.«woman's house has more chances «Filled home and raising children practical interest, women's traditional tasks, which are no longer most women today take care performed. So if you know that these tasks help them to be more agile, return to it?

Experience has shown that the employee that you work together daily desktop to perform its role cast house and mother, burned about 2,000 calories a day, it is not to be compelled to practice sports, for example: half an hour of cleaning the house vacuumed burn Ms. 100 calories, equivalent to burn her body through a full hour of yoga practice .. How whether Ms.

above all sports?Every sport «calories»Here is a list showing sports and burn calories (kcal) during the exercise:

Yoga: 100 calories per hour (k / o)

Golf: 130 km / h

Walking: 180 - 200 km / h

Exercises 'gym': 360 km / h

Exercises 'gym' water: 400 km / h

Ride a bike: 400 - 500 km / h

Swimming: 400 km / h

Jogging: 600 - 700 km / h

Tennis: 800 km / h