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A new survey shows that British adults spend an average of 53 hours of "screen watching" per working week, and 49 hours when on annual leave, making it 2,740 hours or three and a half months in front of a screen each year - totalling 128,780 during 47 years at work.
Most of the workers admit having problems with their vision but haven’t been checked yet. 40 % of theses people are not even aware they could have a free eye examination from their employer if they regularly used a computer monitor in their job.
A lot of them are leaving work with bad headaches, tired, dry, irritated and watery eyes.
Optometrists report that 90% of people who work with monitors suffer from fatigue, sore, itchy, irritated eyes or temporary blurring of their vision. They are advising regular eye examinations and follow a healthy eyecare regime and recommend these small steps in reducing the screen affect: take frequent breaks, make sure your monitor is set up so the centre of the screen is four to six inches below natural eye level, keep blinking - concentrating on a screen reduces natural blink rate and have an eye check every two years.


Hi everyone,
I use the Eyes Dropper software. I have written in other post about this kind software and suggest everyone to user "timer" that help to take a break during long spending in front of monitor.

My results are no headache, no tired eyes ... ... and nice spirit, solved job tasks as result at less work time.